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04.06.04 : 10:57 pm

Tired. So very tired. Is it possible for a hangover to last three days? Ha.

I had a wild wild weekend. My lord. More bars than I can remember, lots of drinking, a fetish club, dancing, tons of kissing, free parking downtown, breakfast at Denny's, lost keys, and home at eight in the morning. That was Saturday. I still don't feel like I've recovered.

It probably doesn't help that I was up till 4am on Friday, and up until 2am on Sunday. Goodness. And get this - I was invited to go out for drinks both last night and tonight! I had to back out of both because I'm just not as young as I used to be or something. *l*

Aaaaanywho. Aside from that whole 'why is my head still throbbing' thing I have going on, I'm doing super. Yay for having an awesome job with afternoons off. *smiles*

Life is good.

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