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04.09.04 : 5:09 pm

So I finally finished reading the book I'd been carrying around in my messenger back for two weeks. *yawn* I wasn't impressed, but reading is reading and yeah. After shelving the cowboy book, I turned to my stack of unread wonders, and selected "The Between Boyfriends Book." Because, well, I'm without a boyfriend... and to be optimistic about my romantic future, I guess I could say between boyfriends... so you know, what better time to read it. *g* Now, I'm only on page 73... but damn! This is one funny book. Go get it or something. I think it's great even if you currently have a boyfriend, because yeah, it's just that cute.

In other news, my boss ROCKS! Seriously. We had a mini competition at work today, and I won (of course, ha! *raspberry*), and that means I have tickets to tomorrow nights Sonics game. Cool beans. Even cooler still, my boss just called from her home to tell me she hopes that I have fun and to enjoy the afternoon! She also handed out Easter/spring goodies and treats. She's such a sweetheart. *smiles*

I'm deliriously happy today. I've called so many people just to say hello and wish them a happy day. Hee. Yay!

Oh, and I'm going to Ocean Shores this weekend. Awesome. Might present a bit of a problem with going to the bball game... so... hmmm... I might just call up my coworker and give the tickets to him. Yeah, I'll probably do that. Cause I really want to go to Ocean Shores, but I don't want the tickets to go to waste. And besides, he deserves 'em just as much as I do, if not more.

Aaaaanywho! I need to get a shower and get all girly fresh. I've got TWO dates tonight. Ah! Hee. Well, one this afternoon/early evening, and then one later on. Damn I'm a pimp. *l*

I hope everyone out there is doing good! Great, even. Smile at a stranger. (Just make sure they're not the creepy follow-you-home kind. Unless they're more cute than creepy... ha!)

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