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05.21.04 : 10:56 pm

Put your drink down.


Okay, now on with the show. *g*

I'm at home tonight. At home on a Friday night. By choice though, so it's aaaaall good.

Last weekend involved so much liquor, laughter, and luv, that I'm spent. I've been struggling to recover all week, and I have to the degree that I can now think clearly and I'm not exhausted. Go me. *smiles* Even still, I decided to stay in tonight and rest up some more. I am going out tomorrow, because four people called me tonight and I held my ground with my whole "chill Friday night" thing (even though one friend tried reeeeally hard to convice me that a particular bar was really "chill" *raspberry*)... but yeah, I couldn't say no twice in a row. So it looks like I've got a full plate tomorrow. Which is cool. Because I'm young and I'm supposed to be out getting smashed all the time.

Shut up.

I got my Lollapalooza tickets today, oh yeah. For $10.77 too. Rock. It's not 'till July, but still, I'm pumped. You should all run out and buy your tickets tomorrow. And then join me on the 14th for a night of good music and good fun. (Morrissey! Modest Mouse! *squeal*) Well, if you live in Washington at least. We should carpool. *g*

Kay, so I'm going to go curl up on the couch and read a bit of my book before heading to bed. Perhaps I'll get around to posting more tomorrow; lord knows I have a lot going on in my head.


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