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05.20.04 : 10:51 pm

The M's won 11-0 tonight, and I was there! Woot! It was my first game at Safeco Field and I had free tickets and my team won... so yeah, that rocked! *smiles* Although, I do like Baltimore too... heh... I did live in Maryland for a few years, after all.

Something cool that I saw tonight - a cop's motorcycle with a license plate frame that read: Pigs do fly

Hee! *g*

Another neat thing... I saw a guy playing the harmonica and guitar, while at the same time workin' it with a hula hoop. Craaazy.

And yeah. I do have more to say, but I'm tired so I'm gunna 'do the right thing' and head to bed. Have a fabulous Friday darlings!

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