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07.09.04 : 4:24 pm

I'm off to see an apartment... the greatest apartment of all?


Apartment hunting sucks. Especially on a budget. And a timeline. Kinda. Yeah. With a dog. And a king bed. (I know, I know, stupid me for having a king bed.) Goodness.

And I don't get paid until next week, so there's no going out and drinking my troubles away tonight either. Ha. *g*

Attention people of Seattle: Girl seeks reasonably priced dog-friendly apartment with ability to fit a large bed, couch, TV, desk, dresser, and other such items with enough room left over to walk around the bed and not have to crawl over it. Closet/storage space is a plus, parking (of some sort) is a must. Neighborhood negotiable.

No doubt I'll be flooded with offers upon returning home. Cause I'm not looking for a lot, no, not at all. Oy.

any thoughts? (1)