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05.31.04 : 11:30 am

So Friday night a friend gives me a ticket to go to Sasquatch. Yay! Kind of last minute and all, but I find folks to go with and I'm set. Drive there with three other people, set up shop, and have a blast. I met some good people, ran in to a couple friends.

I really dug Built to Spill, The Shins, and The Postal Service. Awesome! But The Roots? So much energy! Such a good vibe! I think maybe they were my favorite. *smiles*

My face has a little color to it now, but I'm not sunburnt, and for that I'm thankful. I was really tired yesterday though... we left Seattle for The Gorge at about 7am on Saturday (which means I was up at 6am), and didn't get back until 3am (I didn't get to bed until almost 5am). So yeah, I had some sleep to catch up on.

Today I'm heading out to the NW Folklife Festival with my friend, and then we'll likely go see a movie. Should be good times, a nice way to wrap up a holiday weekend.

Life has been pretty good to me lately. The only thing missing? My Mom. For some reason I can't quite put my finger on, I'm really missing her. I don't know if homesickness is just now hitting me... or if it's because summer draws near, and summer was 'our' time... or if it's because our birthdays are around the corner... or what. Probably all of that and then some. All I know is, I'm jazzed about checking out Vancouver soon, and heading down to Portland... but most of all, I'm looking forward to my trip to San Diego this summer. It'll be good to see everyone again. *smiles*

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