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05.03.04 : 10:54 pm


I had one hell of a weekend. And I'm still paying for it.

It was worth it though. *smiles*

Friday afternoon the plan was to meet up with a dear friend of mine for some coffee/tea. We did that, and then somehow he sold me on the idea of going for a martini. The place he was hyped about showing off to me was closed for another 20 minutes when we got there, so we walked up the street to another place - he had a blue martini of some sort that tasted a bit like Kool Aid, and I had one called David's Orange Orgasm. I've had better. *g*

We made our way to the original destination where I consumed and subsequently fell in love with a coconut martini. Sweet jesus, that's one good drink! The others were good too. My Mom called. Said I sounded drunk, and it was only 6. She laughed, told me to have fun. I love my Mom.

Friend and I went back to his place to listen to mix CDs and relive the music of days gone by. We each killed three beers and then decided to head to the Showbox. I called up my boy to invite him along. Friend and I head there, but first stop at the Alibi where I'm bought a rum and coke which I drink out of obligation. Of course. Then it's off to the Showbox, hugs with my sweetie, dancing dancing dancing (me in the middle of an RJR sandwich, hee), and six Vodka and reds. The guy put cherries in them for me because I think I was pretending that they were Shirley Temples and that I wasn't really getting shitfaced. Heh.

I danced on stage. I'm pretty sure I got kicked off at some point. Cutie pie who got me in for free pinched my cheeks more than once. I met a cool girl and should have gotten her number - cool girls are hard to come by.

My guy saved the day and took my drunk ass home where I proceeded to take a shower fully clothed, change into a huge T-shirt, and pass out. To my credit, I had only had two cookies and three glasses of punch prior to my drinking binge, so I'm impressed that I was even able to walk. (Although, according to my guy, at one point during the night, this was not the case. But he has no proof! Hee. *g*)

He might have been on to something though, as I was feeling hung over all of Saturday, Sunday, and today. Oy! Saturday I watched rented movies with my sweetie (The Cooler is good stuff!), Sunday I saw The Punisher with the roomie, and today I drug my butt into work and somehow made it through the day.

Remind me to take it easy next weekend!

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