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04.26.04 : 6:21 pm

I've been told I don't update. This would be true. *raspberry* I always intend to change that fact, but life just gets in the way and makes a liar of me. Aaaaanyway.

The roomie (yes, still roomie) has gone from Asshole of the Year to Dumbass of the Year. He had this kind of light bulb moment where he was like, "Yo, I'm willing to throw away my relationship with my bestfriend for some ho? No." Ha. *g* Soooo... he and the girlfriend are officially over. And he's already got his sights set on a new chick, cause he's such a guy like that sometimes. But it's all good, cause new chickie is down with me and stuff. Which means I'm not moving. Yet. Maybe.

I kind of sold myself on the idea of moving out and living on my own when I thought that that was my only option. So... I'm curious about it now. However, the whole large dog apartment hunt thing has Not Been Fun. And I don't know if, at this point, I can afford to indulge in my curiosities. Which leaves me looking, not yet leaving.

And falling in love. Oy. Silly me.

But this boy? Is amazing in every which way. He buys me flowers, and picks me up in his arms whenever he sees me. He's thoughtful and kind and incredibly amazing and I'm fucking terrified. I know I was whining about wanting a spring sweetie... and I was going out on dates and happy as can be with that... I wasn't expecting to met him. I wasn't expecting to fall for him and be so giddy with butterflies and I giggle and blush whenever I think of him. Everything is so... right. I'm in fear of what could go wrong. Ack. Remind me to just live in the moment. Yeah. I'm going to enjoy this for what it is here and now and try my hardest not to worry about what it might become. Cause right now? It's wonderful. I almost forgot what it was like to live in Candyland.

And in the most important bit of news... my doggie is okay. *huge smile* They don't know what was wrong with him (or if anything still is), which is a tad troubling... but... as of right now he's back to being himself, and all is well. I sure as hell hope it stays that way! Even after spending the entire afternoon with him today, and having the most raging headache as a result of his barking at all the other dogs outside barking, I can honestly say I love him oodles, and don't want to spend an afternoon without him anytime soon.

I'm going to go skip around in the sunshine now... I'll try to be more regular with the posts and stuff. Hugs all around.

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