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04.17.04 : 6:11 pm

I'm alive. Like you care. Hee. *raspberry*

The month of April in a nutshell:

- I went on a few dates and I met a boy.

- Said boy is amazing in every which way and I'm all head over heels and stuff.

- My roommate has decided to become Asshole of the Year... his girlfreind doesn't like the fact that he lives with me (because I'm a girl), so he's moving out. With like, a week's notice.

- Which means I'm poor.

- And I'm apartment hunting. Again. After only 6 f'in months of living in Seattle.

- Apartment hunting with a dog. A large one.

- A dog who just got diagnosed with having a tumor today.

- Thankfully there's my guy and liquor to get me through the hard times.

*sigh* Sooooo... that's why I've been all MIA. But I plan to write more soon, and when I do, hopefully it will be bright and sparkly and everything. Yeah.

any thoughts? (4)