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03.14.04 : 9:48 am

I'm so mad at my bestfriend that it's not even funny.

And the thing is, I don't want to be mad. I don't want to "fight" over what happened.

But I can't help but be unbelievably pissed off. Last night I was livid, I've calmed down since then. So much drama though. Drama sucks.

Why'd this have to happen? What an asshole. He hasn't grown up at all. Still a stupid seventeen year old boy at heart.

Always breaking promises. *screams* It just hurts. And the fact that he has no problem with that makes me angry. And then that hurts more, because being angry is no good. I keep thinking "With friends like this, who needs enemies?" If I weren't so angry, I'd probably be able to think of something better. God he sucks.

And the worst part of it all? I've already cried over this, and it's not even half over.

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