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03.09.04 : 10:48 pm

So I had The Interview today. And I think things went really well. I was told that there would be talks with the manager of the place I want to work at, so I'm taking that as a good sign. *smiles* I'm not even halfway there yet, though. So, nerves city or something. I'll find out if I get to go to the next step sometime within the next ten days. Eeee. Thanks for the good luck vibes! (Send more! *g*)

So check this out... I had to pay $11 (11!!) for parking at the place where my interview was held. *falls over* What's up with that? Aren't parking garages supposed to charge, like, $3 or something? Dang. Had I know I'd be shelling out $11 for two hours of parking, I'd have taken the bus.

Aaaanywho. I have a case of the sniffles (thanks to my dumb ass thinking it'd be a good idea to dust at 9PM, doh), so I'm gunna cut this short. Later gator.

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