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03.08.04 : 10:38 pm

What a beautiful day it was in Seattle today! *beams*

I had lunch at Greenlake, and walked around a bit afterward taking in as much sunshine as I could. I took some pretty pictures too, that maybe I'll get around to posting tomorrow.

I love that we're getting little hints of spring... I'm such a flower junkie. (They're great to photograph!)

And nothing excites me more than being able to wear my flip flops everywhere. I can be such a Californian sometimes.

So! In six days guess where I'm gunna be? The Moore theater. That's right baby... Henry Rollins! Spoken Word. I'm so jazzed. Rollins rocks. I'm fully expecting 15 years worth of laugh lines in one night. *g*

Tomorrow: The Interview. Wish me luck!

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