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03.07.04 : 11:54 pm

So yesterday's theme was food and friends. *smiles* Breakfast at the Green Cat Cafe with Mike, where I had homemade oats and fresh fruit. Yum! Then lunch at The Other Coast Cafe with Kate, Rich, Dustann, Molly, Tamera, and Jeff, where we chowed down on some vegan rueben sandwiches and had a good time. Then grocery shopping. And finally dinner at home with Rob.

Dude... I just realized that my 'diary' is the furthest thing from secret... I mean, all real names, places, etc. I'd make a terrible spy. *raspberry*

But yeah, Saturday was good.

Then today I met up with a new friend of mine for lunch, but for some odd reason the place was closed. So we ended up at Mighty-O Donuts, and had donuts for lunch. Real healthy, that is. Ha. Spent the rest of the afternoon walking around Greenlake enjoying the beautiful day. I think I might have a crush on my new friend. We held hands. Hee. *blushes*

Then tonight I went to see Starsky and Hutch with the roomie since we didn't get the chance to on Saturday. That's a damn funny movie folks, go see it at your earliest convenience!

I just spent the last hour talking to my Mom, who just got back from a fun-filled weekend in Laughlin, NV, and then my friend Jody, who is in love. So much happiness... I've got the biggest smile on my face right now.

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