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03.06.04 : 8:37 pm

I totally feel like an old lady right now. The teenager that lives in the apartment below me is throwing some sort of party, complete with loud obnoxious 'gangsta' dudes and 14-16 year old girls dressed like street walkers.

And the music? Oh lordy! I totally have a headache because the music being played? Is crap. Some ghetto fabulous mix of thumping and bumping and aaaaah! I'm so tempted to run down there and hand them some good music... but they probably wouldn't even know who the heck the artist/band was, and then I'd have to go drink a bottle of whiskey or something. *deep breath*

Okay, I feel better now. Yay. *smiles* I think I'm going to escape to the movie theater in a couple of minutes. At least there the loud music will be by choice. Heh.

In other news, I had a rockin' day today! Meet some cool new people, ate at two cool news places, and watched the sweetest college b-ball game on TV. We kicked Stanford butt! Wooooo!

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