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03.04.04 : 11:41 pm

I've seriously been itching to write here for days now, but every time I sit down to do it, I'm just so damn tired, and I end up saying "tomorrow." Doh.

SO! Where to begin? Playing catch-up sucks. *raspberry*

- A few Fridays ago I had a Girl's Night Out where I visited Pioneer Square for the first time. It is indeed the meat market I've heard everyone say it is. Hee. I got hit on by plenty of guys, and my friend totally came to my rescue in more than one instance. I did however, end up talking, yes talking! (after MUCH much dancing), with one guy who was very sweet. He got my number... and has actually called a few times. Whoa. We're thinking of hanging out again some time... he's fun to talk to. And cute. Go me. *winks*

- I went to Volunteer Park. I climbed the 180 steps it takes to reach the top of the water tower.

Water Tower

Water Tower Stairs

Water Tower View

Volunteer Park View

Volunteer Park rocks. The view of the city is simply wonderful, the water tower is cool, and the Seattle Asian Art Museum is great! I'm so going to live on Capitol Hill one of these days. (Although, to be fair - this morning, while the sun was shining and before all the rain fell, I traveled the two minutes or so that it takes to get to Greenlake from my house, and enjoyed a cup 'o tea lakeside. Awesome. *smiles*)

- I went to Pigs Peace Sanctuary, now in Stanwood. Judy rocks almost as much as the piggies. *g* If you get the chance, GO! And bring lots of carrots, apples, and peanuts. They'll love you for it.

- I went to the Seattle Art Museum and saw the Christian Marclay exhibit. Which was fabulous. Check it out if out check the chance!

- I went to play pool and got my ass kicked by somebody who claimed he "wasn't all that good." Sure, yeah, whatever buddy. That's the last time I believe you. I DID win two games. But uh... I think we played about six. Whatever man.

I can't wait to play again! Hee. And I want to go bowling too. It's all good getting your ass kicked if you're with the right people, you know? *g*

- I got a job interview. (Next week.)

- I met a really nice guy. He took me out to dinner and I'm taking him out to lunch this weekend. Cool beans.

- I saw Against Me! last night at The Vera Project and ohmygoodness!!! I'm so in love with that bad! *beams* They rocked, of course, and I rocked too, don't cha know it. I've totally got the whole "I was at a punk show last night" voice happening. Ha. Roy, a local band, opened for them. And one of the singer guys, who I'm thinking might be gay because he wrote a song about coming out to his parents and eloping in Portland, is So Damn Fine. Wow. I think I might have been drooling at one point, and the guys I was with totally gave me a hard time for it. But yeah. And he had such a pretty voice. *sigh* Grabass Charlestons also played, and they were awesome. Oh, and then Lucero... the lead singer had one of those beautiful, almost haunting voices. I'd never heard them before, so I don't know if it was just this show or not... but I'm going to check out some of their stuff, because they just might be a new favorite. And yeah... what can I say about Against Me!... any band who is cool with crazy kids jumping onto the stage and letting them sing and dance with them... yeah, how great is that?! And they'll totally give you a hug, I know this from experience. I love them. Love love love them. You should check them out. So that you can go to their shows and sing your heart out. It's a good thing.

- I'm going to some primo party tomorrow night, and that's so not my thing. Because hey, I know how to dress up for a punk show. Hells yeah. But for a 'who's who in Seattle' party? Not so much. Crap. At least I'll make a name for myself... ha.

- On Saturday I'm going out to eat a whopping three times! What is it with people and their sudden desire to eat out?? Is it just my friends? Is it the fact that spring is around the corner? Did people get raises? What's the dilly yo? Eh, I won't complain. I like going out to eat. And all three places are supposed to be yummy, so yay for that! *smiles* Saturday also means come 9PM or so I'll be sitting in a movie theater watching Starsky and Hutch. And then I'll march my happy ass to a pool hall and/or bowling alley and party till the cows come home.

- Sunday I'm doing the lunch thing. And maybe a ferry ride? I have no idea, it's a surprise. Hee.

And that's a wrap. Whew! I just figured that this way, I'm covered if I don't get around to writing this weekend. *g* Oh... but I did forget to mention the weird thing with the screw driver and bag of religious paraphernalia... oh, and the fact that I totally could have died... and my newfound psychic abilities. Ah well, there's always next time. Hee. *g*

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