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01.19.03 : 7:37 pm

a visit to sundry led me to the web fridge project.

the result is what you see below. something i like to call the ``vegetarian meat-lovers special`` - the fridge of two vegetarians, and two meat eaters. although, to be fair, i have the run of the fridge and the meat men mainly control the freezer.

william perry

the tofu is in the same drawer as the salad, you just can't see it. such a shame... that would have been a classic touch. *g*

and in related news, a new unscientific study has just been released showing that eight out of ten people who have journals and are bored/geeky enough to take and post a picture of the contents of their fridge on the 'net, drink soy milk. the other two percent are alcoholics.

any thoughts? (1)